Sunday, November 13, 2011 invitation to stand with the 70%

By kay.e.strong

American shoppers are the most powerful economic group on the face of the earth! In America alone we are in control of 70% of GDP spending.  That’s three times more than the federal government spends.  It’s twelve times more than the war department!
Individually, we think of ourselves as weak…but every powerful force on earth is a composite of individual elements acting in unison.  Drops of rain collected together have the power to become game-changing raging tornadoes, surging tsunamis, and even magnificent waterfalls. 

We hold in our wallets the power to transform the world.

Wanta’ put an end to corporate greed?  Stop it at its source…your pocketbook! Don’t buy their stuff.  Want to encourage corporate social responsibility? Buy only from businesses exercising social responsibility. Shun businesses that hold the local community hostage to tax write-offs in exchange for jobs.  Hold profiteering corporate farms responsible for wreaking havoc on the soil, polluting our waterways, belching particulates into the air and denigrating the diversity of the biosphere. 

Wanta’ stop the epidemic of obesity and chronic disease?  Pay attention to what you drop into your shopping cart.  Don’t put fat-drenched, high-fructose corn syrup and sugar-laden foods into your mouth or your child’s.  Don’t create demand for these foods.  Send the government a message that Americans want agricultural subsidies (some $100 billions) re-routed to support “healthy” eating choices of farm fresh fruits and vegetables.  Become a patron of the local farmers’ market.

Wanta’ send commericalizers of Christmas a message?  Don’t participate in the buying frenzy being foisted on us.  Stay away from the malls, the big box stores, and the online shiny gizmos and gadgets.  Send commercial propagandizers the message that we are no longer listening--that we can indeed live a life void of “more stuff” to jam behind an already overflowing closet door.

Refocus on what really matters in life.  Strengthen your local community by giving back.  Bring the gifts of trust, compassion and cooperation.  These are the gifts that keep on giving!

You have cash in your wallet! Seize your right to turn the tables on an insensitive government, big-moneyed politicians, and responsibility-challenged corporations.  Don’t play on their terms.

Wait patiently on the data crunchers to affirm the power of the American Consumer. 

We are the 70%!  We alone can bring the change needed to America. Mindfully cast every dollar vote you pull from your wallet.


Kay Strong, Ph.D., Southern Illinois University, M.T., University of Houston, M.A., Ohio University; Associate Professor at Baldwin-Wallace College; Areas of expertise: international economics, contemporary social-economic issues, complexity and futures-based perspectives in economics. E-mail:

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