Sunday, November 20, 2011

...the proof's in the pizza!

By kay.e.strong

Legislating pizza a vegetable is blatant evidence of a puppet Congress wholly owned by Corporate America!  It’s time to cut the strings.  And I have a cost savings tip for the Deficit Reduction Commission. 

Dissolve Congress!

We get an immediate 5 billion dollars and change in savings from the Legislative Branch budget (2012).

Dissolving Congress serves two useful purposes. 

First, it eliminates the political façade that governance in the US is even remotely representative--that the voice of the people is alive in Washington. Corporate America owns the country.  Its will has been the will of the people—whether the people knew it or not!  No one needs a “pass-through” agency. It’s time to open our eyes to the truth. Swallow hard and let go of that trite nonsense taught in high school government class and call reality--reality. 

Second, the cost savings from dissolving Congress helps the Deficit Reduction Committee move closer to their 1.2 trillion dollar goal.  No need to drag us through another political temper-tantrum, aka gridlock, sabatoge maneuvers and stock market upheavel because Corporate America isn't getting its way. Automatic cuts across the board can be handle with a nice clean algorithm. No partisan politics needed.  We get the same end results either way.

In effect, dissolving Congress become a win-win for everyone. 

Corporate America’s profits will rise since members of Congress will no longer be on the payroll and channeling funds through PACs will no longer be necessary. 

As usual, the American people will  continue to get the short end of the stick—no real change here. But, at least, we won’t be confused by the political slight of hand tricks.

The 535 members of Congress and their staff and their staff’s staff will have the dubious honor of getting real jobs. Yes, it's possible that their income sans corporate kick-backs may suffer. But no harm…just let’em eat pizza—the nation’s newest veggie! 


Kay Strong, Ph.D., Southern Illinois University, M.T., University of Houston, M.A., Ohio University; Associate Professor at Baldwin-Wallace College; Areas of expertise: international economics, contemporary social-economic issues, complexity and futures-based perspectives in economics. E-mail:

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